The Hypocrite Walrus

Thursday, November 14, 2013

To Kill a Wallflower

te imagino

sentada en un punto equidistante
donde crees pertenecer realmente
y donde me gustaría poder encontrarte
alguna vez

entre el suelo que pisas
bajo tus pies
y el horizonte
que queres mirar hacia atrás

pienso haberte visto de reojo
a través del vidrio translúcido a mi costado
pero la verdad
es que por ahí nunca pasa nada
los gatos sobre el tejado

aprieto los audífonos
fuerte sobre mis oídos
buscando escuchar alguna pista tuya
o disfrazada
en alguna canción aleatoria

pero sólo se me vienen imágenes
de vos en la parada
y de tu sonrisa estancada
sobre curuvicas de felicidad
y alejadas

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Black leather upholstered heart

I've heard many people saying
life's worth living

I know,
an offsrping,
and maybe friends.

The biggest mistake is thinking
we are made for it.
For all this.

Believing we
have an
urgent commandment
to be happy.

Or reaching
whatever goal
we set
ourselves to

They might need
to drink
a straight bottle of the finest oporto
and think harder.

Pardon my grammar,
but it's just bullshit.

For two years ago,
she's quit,
at least for most of the people.
For me,
she just stopped
going round and round.

That hasn't made her
any more absent.
Nor lesser.

She's still
Laughing in silence
as she puts
two more ice cubes
into her

Thursday, April 08, 2010

To give me hope with a stab in my back, she said to me, "it is like sand in my hands"

In the end,

is all we do

Pursuing or
giving up,
laying there or
getting up

We choose,
we have choices

But what we do
is wait

Waiting for the rain to fall
or the rain to stop
waiting for someone to come
or someone not to go

Waiting for the season to change
or the inevitable end
waiting for the dawn to break
or the night to come

Waiting for the phone to ring
or the love to come
Waiting for the pain to go
waiting for a yes or a no

And the waiting can
be endless
or as short as
the laziest
blink of an eye

The outcome
is a coin
and falling
on the hand
of a stranger

It all
tends to slip

Like time,
and you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 segundos

Una figura
siniestra se asoma
por detrás del placard
y yo le digo
aguantáme un rato más

intento practicar
con las agujas del reloj
en la pared

de retrasar
sus pasos
y el atraso mismo
de tu llegada

Me sudan las manos
y me sueno los dedos
para llenar
el silencio
que deja cada vez
tu ausencia

Mi única arma mágica
para estirar
la suspendida
de espacio y tiempo
esta botella de whisky

Me desabrocho
el botón del cuello
de la camisa
del frac
de la sastrería
a la cual
me recomendaste
ese otoño
mientras en la tienda
a la vuelta de la esquina
en el mostrador
de los licores
un poco empolvado
estaba esperándome
como hoy yo te espero
la botella
que ahora inclinada
mantiene en velo
en un instante eterno
a mi boca
para un viaje
sin escalas
desde una distancia
en la cual
casi perfectamente
tus manos y tus labios
dejando sólo
pequeños resquicios
por donde
se colaría
tu último suspiro
a mi última gota.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A glass, a couch and my bare feet

There will be a time
when my stomach will be full
of everything

and I'll have
the best whisky
money can buy
from my table
down to the floor

And my empty glance
will look back
to these days

I will know
these were the days

We'll remember
the things we used to do
the places we used to go
the people we've known
and see who is still hanging on

Look at gray
fading pictures

Things we did
but mostly
the ones we never did

It will get late
And I'll go to sleep

But first,
I will smile
and at the same time
I will ache for it

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunch break

I close my eyes
and search for my piece of peace
while the bullets
are whistling over my head
I run through soft cotton fileds
with my hands
my face
feeling the warm breeze

Facing the sun
like million faces
Feeling the endless horizon
as only mine

Like Alexander
entering Persia
for the first time

For that single instant
the world outside
doesn't matter

At least
not as much
as that gulp
of wine
that caresses
my guts and
sometimes my soul
as it goes down


the moment,

like a furious
and tireless demon

sucks me
back in

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Trying to go through
a dull day
I've found a poem
that she once
read to me

And today is a gray day
like the ones
she liked
like the ones
I embrace

She read
she found a certain
her worst times

Its been
almost a year
without her

And now
she read it to me

Just to let me know
she's still around