The Hypocrite Walrus

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A glass, a couch and my bare feet

There will be a time
when my stomach will be full
of everything

and I'll have
the best whisky
money can buy
from my table
down to the floor

And my empty glance
will look back
to these days

I will know
these were the days

We'll remember
the things we used to do
the places we used to go
the people we've known
and see who is still hanging on

Look at gray
fading pictures

Things we did
but mostly
the ones we never did

It will get late
And I'll go to sleep

But first,
I will smile
and at the same time
I will ache for it

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunch break

I close my eyes
and search for my piece of peace
while the bullets
are whistling over my head
I run through soft cotton fileds
with my hands
my face
feeling the warm breeze

Facing the sun
like million faces
Feeling the endless horizon
as only mine

Like Alexander
entering Persia
for the first time

For that single instant
the world outside
doesn't matter

At least
not as much
as that gulp
of wine
that caresses
my guts and
sometimes my soul
as it goes down


the moment,

like a furious
and tireless demon

sucks me
back in