Saturday, November 06, 2010

Black leather upholstered heart

I've heard many people saying
life's worth living

I know,
an offsrping,
and maybe friends.

The biggest mistake is thinking
we are made for it.
For all this.

Believing we
have an
urgent commandment
to be happy.

Or reaching
whatever goal
we set
ourselves to

They might need
to drink
a straight bottle of the finest oporto
and think harder.

Pardon my grammar,
but it's just bullshit.

For two years ago,
she's quit,
at least for most of the people.
For me,
she just stopped
going round and round.

That hasn't made her
any more absent.
Nor lesser.

She's still
Laughing in silence
as she puts
two more ice cubes
into her


Blogger Margie said...

life's a piece of shit

3:33 AM  

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