The Hypocrite Walrus

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little reminder

You talk to me. Without knowing.

You are the ideal I've never really had.
All I could hope for. Me, that never hoped for anything.

Words seem useless. Yet I've wrote you twelve thousand poems.
I see you standing there. And I know I'll always stand by you.

Many times I've said. Then you showed me what it means.
You make me want to wake up. The lazy me.

I must look at myself while I'm thinking all this. Now you might know.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Love letter number 3

This must be love.

But no birds humming, no butterfly-induced nausea.
Just glad to see my glance reflected in your eyes as you are walking towards me, crossing the length of this endless white room.

I guess it has to do with your walk.
The way you seem not to touch the floor. You float playfully, on your tiny feet, like a child.
And then I saw you there, on a memory of our future, you're running on the corridor, you are going to be five next year, I will call you April.
And I'll love you both so.

We've been down, and went through it all.
But somehow you were always smiling.
You've never left.

And I'm better with you.