The Hypocrite Walrus

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I stopped to think about you for a moment and I smiled

Somethings I remember
somethings I just don't

There's a new stain in my wall
which I hope I didn't do
I remember how your living room
smelled like your dog

I surely remember
your eyes going blank
as you were screaming
my name

I remember your nipples
But I could hardly remember your name
I remember how
I couldn't get enough of you

I have a slight memory of you
standing in your kitchen
wearing my shorts
doing a line
talking about love

All those books in your shelf
that you probably
didn't read

I remember how you couldn't quit
I was there just for
the sake of the now

I remember your kiss
tasting like coke

I remember when
I've had enough
I don't remember you
but I remember myself
out the door